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Established in 1992, All Island Abstract, LTD. began with a commitment to superior customer service.

We understand the demands of an ever changing real estate and mortgage market. We believe that your job is tough enough and that's why we try to make the title insurance aspect easy. Fast, professional service with the resources and experience to handle all of your title needs is what sets All Island Abstract, Ltd. apart. That's why we are the solution to all of your title problems.

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Quality. Dedication. Professionalism.

All Island Abstract, Ltd. is a premier title insurance agency offering a full array of title services for counties in New York State. Through our Underwriters we offer title insurance for residential and commercial properties as well as vacant land, Condominiums and Cooperative Apartments.

Why title insurance?

Did you know that you could lose your home because another person has a legal right to the property? Title insurance is protection from acts that might have happened before you purchased your home. When you buy an owners title policy, you are buying insurance that your title is clear of liens and encumbrances or defects. Some common examples of the things title insurance protects you from include, errors in recording of legal documents, unpaid mortgages, unpaid taxes, fraud. You purchase title insurance to protect your investment, by paying a onetime fee, which covers you for the entire period you own your home.

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Can I choose my Title Company?

You absolutely have the right to choose your title insurer, and you should!

All Island Abstract, LTD., has been issuing Title Insurance Policies through Old Republic National Title Insurer for over 25 years. Old Republic has been insuring properties, both residential and commercial for nearly a century. Their mission is to provide market-responsive, real estate transfer products and services for individuals, businesses, and government through direct operations and independent title agencies.
Whatever your land title needs, All Island Abstract, Ltd. is your solution.

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